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  • Nouvelle DS 5 2015

    La déesse réinventée.

  • Apple Watch Edition

    Bien au-delà d'une montre luxueuse (MàJ).

  • Skully AR-1

    Le premier casque de moto à réalité augmentée.

  • Xhibitionist

    Un super-yacht de 166 pieds aux allures de 'Batmobile'

  • Tesla Model S ‘Dual Motor’

    Électrique, futuriste & automatique.

  • Rolls-Royce Series II 2014

    La Ghost revisitée.

  • GEOS

    Une véritable stratégie préventive de protection de vos yachts.

  • Collection Louis Vuitton pour BMW i8

    Vos bagages en harmonie avec la nouvelle BMW i8 100% électrique.

  • LaCie Sphere Christofle

    Le titan des disques durs.

  • Collection « Teck-Time »

    Un nouveau concept de bien vivre « Outdoor » par Paris Vert Ouest.

  • Mac Pro or/chrome

    Puissance & luxe réunis.

  • Le Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

    Une nouvelle dimension luxe en Israël.

  • Google Glass

    Le marché des lunettes de luxe connectées.

  • Catana 70

    Le grand frère du Catana 59.

  • Beats Studio « Gold 24 carats » by Dr. Dre

    Le must du son.

  • Le Jardin du Bristol

    Une invitation au rêve en plein cœur de Paris.

The Picchio Boat, a 21-meter catamaran

Le Picchio Boat, un Catamaran de 21 mètres

The Picchio Boat, a 21-meter catamaran

Christian Grande turns to large yachts after 14 years of loyal service at Sessa Marine and presents a magnificent and luxurious 21 meter catamaran: The Picchio Boat.

Read more: The Picchio Boat, a 21-meter catamaran

Canados 90 Open, one step to perfection

Canados 90 Open

Canados 90 Open, onen step to perfection

Open-air space and plenty of light – typical prerogatives of an open - play a fundamental role as do the sporty look, the high-performance, the fine workmanship and the use of refined furnishing solutions.

Read More : Canados 90 Open, one step to...

Cigarette Top Fish, the ultimate in Open Sport

Cigarette Top Fish

Cigarette Top Fish, the ultimate in Open Sport

America, you let them only five minutes and engineers Cigarette concoct a diabolical Open with horses everywhere and especially on the transom ... Here's how three or four Mercury Verado Outboard 350 hp each can turn your peaceful life in pure adrenaline rush for the day.

Read More : Cigarette Top Fish, the ultimate in...

Rodman MUSE 50, une vedette de croisière (2)

Rodman MUSE 50


Rodman MUSE 50, a cabin cruiser
The Rodman MUSE 50 named “Cruiser”, will be exhibited at the next Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes. The naval architecture firm Fulvio de Simoni and engineering team have harmonized Rodman on this unit and aesthetic character. With a length of 15.30 m and a width of 4.70 m, the new Rodman MUSE 50, offers an intelligent distribution of external and internal spaces.

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Vicem 78 Cruiser, luxe et classicisme (2)

Vicem 78 Cruiser, luxe et classicisme


Vicem 78 Cruiser, luxe et classicisme

The 78 Cruiser is the latest in Vicem’s celebrated series of classic, flybridge and cruiser motoryachts ranging from 50 – 100 feet.

Read More : Vicem 78 Cruiser, luxe et...




It does not apprehend a yacht riva like other ships, the finger of suspicion with infinite pleasure that will be the most magical moment, the moment when the senses are assailed by the clean lines, color harmony and warmth exotic woods. No more hesitation, embark on what must be regarded as an icon.

Read More : RIVA DOMINO 86




From the first moments, the line stretched attracts the eye, the rear deck and stairs masterful serving the upper deck. for a first release of this model, the Australian Shipyard has existed for over 27 years raises the bar quite high, well made teak everywhere on the ship gives the Riviera 45 Open Flybridge finish to match its ambitions.


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Mac Pro or/chrome, la puissance et le luxe réunis

▲ Mac Pro or/chrome, puissance et luxe réunis.

LaCie Sphère Christofle

▲ LaCie Sphère Christofle, le titan des disques durs.

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre "Collectors Series" or, le must du son !

▲ Beats Studio édition Gold, le must du son.